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My name is Krisztina Merényi, I am a Japanese language interpreter, tour guide and journalist. Japan’s diverse culture had fascinated me since I was a teenager, so after graduating from high school, I started to study Japanese. I got my first job during my university years, and I have been working in the profession ever since.

Over the years, I have not only expanded my experience in Japanese interpreting, tour guiding and language teaching, but also gained new knowledge in other areas. I studied journalism at the University of Szeged, attended international relations and diplomatic training at the Corvinus University, and I was a doctorate student in History. My new challenge is working as a supervisor and coach in the future. I have completed my studies at Károli Gáspár University, and I am going to be a “helping” specialist dealing with professional personality development. I can accept clients both Hungarian and Japanese languages.

I worked as a journalist at Napi Gazdaság (pdfs of published appendices) for a few years with my classmate in communication and friend, Viktória Azari -Varga, where we jointly prepared several colorful, thematic appendices to the business daily. In addition, we created Gourmet Guides with the goal of organizing themed dinner evenings for those interested in the “slow-food” movement. At our moderated dinners, we always taste the most traditional dishes of a selected nation based on a unique menu set compiled for us, while talking about the culture, history and eating habits of the given country. (GoodFood appearances) As a gastronomic journalist, we regularly attend professional events and publish articles related to gastronomy on our website. (Gourmet Guides website)

I enjoy being able to use the knowledge I have gained in my life in many ways, both independently and also connected with each other. My fantasy name and slogan: “Kakehashi” - connect-communicate-cooperate, which is a good indication of my aspiration to be a “connecting bridge” between Hungary and Japan in as many areas as possible “with connection, communication and cooperation”.

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On my website, I present the services that I can offer to those who are interested, to my future clients, based on my expertise. If you need an interpreter, guide, language teacher, translator, contact me with confidence!

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